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   The UnOfficial Johnny O'Keefe Page was created back in 1995 by me, Brendan Hancock, I was a High School Student at the time. I went on this thing called the INTERNET and noticed there was nothing around on J.O'K....

The Beginning:

    I had been a fan of  the wild one  since I was about 8 years old, It was the mistake of thinking  SHOUT! The story of Johnny O'Keefe was a gangster movie that I watched it and became addicted to the cool, rock 'n' roll sound that was Johnny O'Keefe.

  I had been fortunate enough  to of had a stepmother who was living in the Sydney area when J.O'K was in his prime. She told me first hand stories of his on-stage antics and the magic that became the legend. The funny thing was, she didn't like him that much (hmmm). She went to see Fabian, she also watched as they booed him off (hahahah).  So after I became a fan, slowly but surely the whole family became J.O'K fans. We started fighting over the record collections, and off course I came out on top.

    When I got settled, I wrote a letter to Damian Johnstone, a very well respected J.O'K historian, via a small Melbourne publication called "THE BIG BEAT OF THE FIFTIES", Damian replied and made one little boy very happy for the rest of his life. Damian sent photos of the wild one in concert, as well as a few articles to put in my scrapbook. To this day, I thank you Damian.



    The Site was made, because there wasn't any others around. Besides, I knew some poor kid would have to do an music assignment one day in the future, and they'll need some information. The first site hardly had anything on it, (is still doesn't, but I'm working on it) But the entrance was grand, as the wild one yelled out the first five words to SHOUT!.

For the next 18 months nothing really changed, The H.S.C exams etc took priority. But in late 1997 The page found a new home, and a new look. Graphics were updated and found a quicker way to load, and I got off my butt and did some typing.

Currently I am a student at the The Newcastle University, and construction of the page will be done as often as possible.


The Future:

    At present, there is over 3,000 entries to be entered in the a-z of johnny o'keefe page, as well as a tribute page for friends (celebrity and fans) to pay their respects to the king, for all to see. As well as the finishes touches to the SOUND and PICTURE GALLEY. If you think we need something I'll put it on.


If you have anything at all to share or ask me, E-mail me


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