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J.O'K- The Official Johnny O'Keefe Story

Author: John Bryden-Brown

Published by: Doubleday Australia (1982)

ISBN: 0 86824 085 0

ISBN: 0 86824 086 9 (pbk)

Note: It gives a good all round look at the life of Ausralia's King of Rock 'n' Roll. Has over 50 Black & White Pictures covering all apsects of  J.O'K's career, from Begining to End.


SHOUT!- The Story of Johnny O'Keefe

Author: Robert Caswell

Published by: Currency Press Pty Ltd (1986)

ISBN: 0 86819 140 X

Note: This is the Screenplay for Network 7's 2 Part Tv Mini Series on O'Keefe's Life.

The Cast Included: Terry Serio as J.O'K., Melissa Jaffer as Thelma O'Keefe, John McTernan as Lee Gordon.

It is a great book to read, as there is a few differences that are in the book, which don't end up on the screen. You can read how Robert Caswell had the scenes scripted out orginally, before the changes were made in the film.


Behind the Rock

Authors: Jon Hayton & Leon Isackson

Published by: Select Books(1990)

ISBN: 0-949118-42-7

Note: Although this is the story on the beginnings of the R'Jays, there is a lot of interesting bits about their good friend J.O'K. Contains Heaps of Black & White Pictures of the R'Jays/Rajahs in their glory days as well as a few with  J.O'K.


Bandstand and all that!

Author: John Byrell

Published by: Kangaroo Press (1995)

ISBN: 0 86417 693 7

Note: A great book for people who like to go back and remember the days of Bandstand, Pick-A-Box, Number '96. There is a few pages refering to J.O'K, in which the author shows us a different side to the O'Keefe Legend. Well worth the read. Shop around though, I got a copy of this book brand new from one major Book Shop for $10.00, and I noticed a few shops still had it for $29.95.

Rock 'n' Roll Australia
The Australian Pop Scene 1954-1964

Author(S): Bob Rogers  with Denis O'Brien

Published by:  Cassel Australia

ISBN:  0726973696

Note: One of the Best Books on the Australian Rock and Roll Music Scene of the 50's & 60's

A lot of Great infomation on all the best artist of the era, especially J.O'K., Heaps and Heaps of  Black & White Pictures, as well as some good information on LEE GORDON, the creator of the famous BIG SHOWS.  There is a record that was released with this book with the same title.

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Off The Record- My Life with and Without Johnny O'Keefe

C O M M I N G  S O O N

Australian Rock 'n' Roll
The First Wave

Author: Michael Sturma

Published by: 
Kangaroo Press Ltd. Australia

ISBN: 0-86417-382-2 (1991)

Special Thanks to
Marijn Raaijmakers

  for letting us know about this book's exsistence.


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