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The Story of Johnny O'Keefe


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The UnOfficial
Johnny O'Keefe Page
Since 1995

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The SHOUT Tribute Page new and updated
Tues Feb 6, 2001

Because of the sudden increase of interest in Johnny O'Keefe, I thought I would update the Shout tribute page to cater for the request of information about the 1986 Mini-Series on J.O'K's life. 

For more information click here.


This is Johnny O'Keefe?
 Thurs Feb 1, 2001

As you may or may not know, this is the face of Johnny O'Keefe, as brilliantly played by 27 year old David Campbell (son of hard rocker Jimmy Barnes) In the smash hit musical "SHOUT: The story of the wild one". To find out more on this truly electrifying performer and the musical in which he's from. Log onto 
"SHOUT: The story of the wild one"  web site.
or check out the "Australian David Campbell Info Page" for dedicated
information on David, at:

The Picture Gallery
 Tues Jan 30, 2001

The J.O'K Picture Gallery is finally back into shape. You will notice that ALL Pictures should be working fine. As well as a few new additions. Keep logging onto the site for more picture updates. Also, once again, if you have anything to add to the picture gallery or anything else at that matter your contributions will be extremely grateful.

 The J.O'K Statue
 Sat Jan 27, 2001
While doing my usual Johnny O'Keefe Web Surf the other day
I came across a site of the sculptor who is responsible for the Johnny O'Keefe Statue. Here you will find a few pics of the J.O'K statue during its last stages of being complete.

 For more information click here.

Just One little thing to get off my chest.
 Fri Jan 26, 2001

During the last 12 months there has been a huge increase of interest in the great J.O'K. Even though this is a great thing it has given me cause to speak up about something
I feel needs to be rectified.

As you may or may not be aware the UnOfficial Johnny O'Keefe page is run and maintained by only one person. I do the graphics, the text, everything you see here. It's a lot of hard work when you are only learning. 

The problem is, I know of a couple of new J.O'K sites who are both using graphics that I created and / or information that I have researched and painstakingly typed up, without a hint of credit and no mention of this site.

If you download ANYTHING from THIS SITE with the Intention of using it on another site, please give credit where credit is due. 

I have been doing this page for well over 5 years and I am not prepared to let anybody use my material unethically, when I've worked so hard to get this site of the ground. All I'm asking, If you use these clips or any graphics from this site then please acknowledge the fact that you got them from here..
Thank you.
- Brendan

Downloadable JO'K Video Clips are NOW online.
 Fri Jan 26, 2001

Okay, finally after months of getting time and hardware to do it. There are now video clips of the Wild one in action. At Present there are only three to download. But more will be online within the next few days. 

NOTE: These clips are for educational and private non-profit use.  And you can find them under the multimedia page.


Happy Birthday J.O'K 
Fri Jan 19, 2001

On this day, January 19th 2001. 
66 years ago The Wild One, 
Mr Johnny
O'Keefe was born. 

Happy Birthday Johnny!!!


Damian's "The Wild One"  A Winner...
Thurs Jan 18, 2001

'Just finished Damian's Johnstone's wonderful book "The Wild One: The life and times of Johnny O'Keefe".  
Let me say that everything that has been said about this book is true. This is the most unbiased,
factual non-fairy tale story about Johnny O'Keefe ever written. The book is both an easy and enjoyable read. I truly recommend this book to all Johnny O'Keefe fans or fans of Australian Rock 'n' Roll. 

For the first time you we get a better understanding of the fast paced life that was Johnny O'Keefe, in which his early death in 1978 seemed the only way to slow him down. With stories from people who where closed to him. including family, friends, band members and fellow musician's, you wish the book at 352 pages would never end. As a matter of fact, I'm reading it again... Good Work Damian....!!!

In stores February 1st.



Damian's "The Wild One" is On It's Way!!!
Tues Jan 16, 2001

Okay J.O'K fans the wait is almost over. The book that everybody's been talking about is almost here. The good news is, it seems the original March release date has been brought forward to  February 1st.  Early technical information of the book is, as follows:

ISBN: 1865084794
Australian Price (Incl GST): $29.95
Format: Paperback - C
Dimensions: 230X152
Number of Pages: 352
Illustrations: 32 b/w h'tones on 16pp wrap, no bleeds
Australian Publication: Febuary 2001
Publisher: Allen & Unwin  Australia
Imprint: Allen & Unwin 
Subject Category: Biography & Autobiography

For those kept under a rock for the last 15 years, Damian is considered a god by both myself and readers of the Melbourne publication "Big Beat Of The Fifties". His work also spans out to other fan magazines as well as ABC radio specials and community radio. His J.O'K related material of the past  was nothing less than great. Therefore, Damian Johnstone's' "The Wild One: The life and times of Johnny O'Keefe" will not be just a good read, but a masterpiece.

For more information regarding this new book.


J.O'K Memories
Tues Jan 9, 2001

To coincide with the 66th Anniversary of J.O'K's Birth. We are creating a J.O'K Memories page. Due to the emails from fans of J.O'K and Rock 'n'Roll that I get.
I thought this addition would be a great way for others to share stories and J.O'K related tales.
The Beta Test for this can be found here.



Last Updated Febuary 2001
Webpage designed & Graphics  by
Brendan Hancock &
D.R Broughton (C)1995-2001

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The latest picture for download comes from the Fan Art section 
of the picture gallery. A Colourised picture of why he was called
the Wild One" 

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