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Mon Jan 8, 2001

After the tons of E-mails regarding J.O'K memorabilia etc. I have decided to create a web page to cater for the ever growing number of queries concerning this memorabilia. Whether to sell items or seek information regarding them, this new addition to the Johnny O'keefe Page should be helpful to fans.
The Classifieds / Noticeboard can be found here.


Shout!- The Musical
Wed Jan 3, 2001

Steve Cooper wrote in to state:

That the musical opens to the public in Melbourne on the 6th Jan. Previews have been running with standing ovations. And that the Show will Tour.

Thanks Steve..

Shout! - The Story Of The Wild One
Tue Jan 2, 2001

It has finally arrived. The highly anticipated Stage Show about the The Wild One Johnny O'keefe has premiered with positive reviews. This fantastic new multi-million dollar show chronicles his life and times, using 36 performers and a 14-piece orchestra to bring Australia's original and legendary Wild One back to the stage.

User Comments / Reviews can be found here.  

From Jeremy Norton
Young Australian Of The Year in 1999, David Campbell gets the job of playing O'Keefe. A pretty daunting task, but David should be well-prepared. Having returned from New York and a lead role in Stephen Sondheim's Saturday Night, he has just finished playing the lead in Melbourne's production of Guys And Dolls. He will be sure to set himself a high standard if his father, legendary rocker Jimmy Barnes, is anywhere in the audience.
Directed by Richard Wherrett with choreography by Ross Coleman, Shout! features all the smash hits, from The Wild One and She's My Baby to later hits like So Tough. And Shout! of course.

If You're in Melbourne:

State Theatre
(Victorian Arts Centre)

100 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, 3000

Dec 30-Jan 18 Daily

ticket information:
Bookings Ticketmaster 136-166

Happy New Year
Mon Jan 1, 2001

I hope all the rockers and rollers out there in cyberspace had a great xmas and a had a great new year. It looks like it's going to be a very good year for J.O'K fans as well.
As the Johnny O'keefe musical and the highly anticipated Johnny O'keefe Biography are well on there way to hit the stage and the bookstores.


WinAmp J.O'K Skins
Tue Aug 22, 2000

So you've downloaded some of the new Johnny O'Keefe sample music, and you've got winamp all ready to go? Well try these excellent Johnny O'Keefe Skins for your winamp Mp3 Media Player.
Just copy these files into your skins directory.

Trying to Pull my Finger out....
Mon Aug 21, 2000

Slowly but surely, trying to get this site back in order. Further suggestions on getting this site up to scratch would be most appreciated.

The Music Of Johnny O'Keefe is Now Available
Mon Aug 21, 2000

It has finially happened. You can now download some of The Wild One's greatest Hits. Every week there will be a new song to download in MP3 format.

For more infomation click here

joktheme.jpg (6059 bytes)The Johnny O'Keefe Desktop Theme

It had to happen, I found this on a themes site just the other day. To find out more
Click Here

Desktop Extras Is Here
Fri 6th April 2000

It's finally avaliable, and the first item is there to enjoy. The first ever Johnny O'Keefe theme can be found here to download.


Links Should Be Working
Fri 6th April 2000

Opps, hopefully all the links on the pages should be working. If not, let us know.

email.gif (15989 bytes)New E-mail Address

From now on all mail to The UnOfficial Johnny O'Keefe Page will need to be sent to jokweb@yahoo.com.au
This way, all mail will be replied to :-)

Help Wanted:
Tues Jan 18, 2000

If you want to add anything or contribute to the site in any way including a few suggestions on how to make it better, then please do not hesitate to e-mail me.


The U.J.O'K.P is back into the groove now.

Tues Jan 18, 2000

Okay, it's now happening. As you can see the page is looking a lot different. There will be many changes happening so stick around and watch the page come alive.


Time to Rock 'n' Roll
Dec 11, 1999

Okay, my exams are finished and now the page will be updated at an alarming rate. Any suggestions etc, or if you have something to add to the site, e-mail it to me, if you have any questions, let me know.


Okay, A Few Little Things:
Nov 5th 1999

During the past few months you may have wondered why there hasn't been much added to the page. This is mainly because it is exam time for myself and I am currently in the last closing stages of the end of my University year. Therefore, after the 25th of November, The J.O'K page will be number one on the list of things to do.
Hard Drive Crash
I know it sounds like an excuse but it is the truth, Recent;y My PC Died, and with it, Most of my Mail backup files of messages that you, the Fans wrote to me. I did read most of them, but I couldn't reply to some of them straight away. And because of this, I have lost a few of your e-mail addresses. If you are suprised I didn't receive your  message this could be why. If you Have any questions on anything regarding this page let me know.
Ofcourse I am always looking for other fans who want to contribute to the site. E-mail Me 8-)

Obtw: Like I said I did read some messages and I couldn't reply.

some people asked questions on the line of:

Q) Wanting Pictures of jok's funeral:
A)   I will put the pictures on as soon as possible, I have some including his actual headstone. Give me a week or so.

Q) Wanting to contribute to the site:
A) By All Means Send it all in anything is welcome, anything... If you have a story to tell, articles, we'll put it on here, and if you think there's no place to put it, we'll make something up.


Letter to Festival Records
Aug 24th 1999

Recently I wrote a letter to festival records (J.O'K's Record Company) introducing myself and the J.O'K page. The main reason for this was to let Festival records know that we are here, and still going strong after 4 1/2 years. As well as a way to get any useful information from them, so us, the fans could keep up with what's happening. My first reply was from Warren Fahey, who looks after the J.O'K material at Festival. In which he wrote:

"....We have lots happening with Johnny's music this year including an airline
           which will have a plane named after him, a portrait being hung in the
           national portrait gallery, a double cd of his rock and roll material and loads more...."

A few days later, festival returned another message to me, this time by Zach Sarich, who stated:

"... I believe that somewhere in our plans here at Festival there are plans to
do a website of our own on Johnny but that may be some time down the  track..."

So 1999 could still be a good year for J.O'K fans, lets hope that there is another J.O'K website to add to the slowly growing number that is available.


Trying, Trying, Trying
Aug 3rd 1999

I'm in the process of adding a sound gallery to the page, this will house recorded interviews and song samples for download. The only problem at this stage is trying to get permission to do so. I know i can just put them on there, but hey, it would look nice is i can say "used with permission" -right?.

Let's see how we go.



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